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Over All Training (OAT) is here to serve as your strategic economic development partner. As a registered Pennsylvania apprenticeship group sponsor OAT helps nurture job creation in growth industries in underserved communities. With group standards and training that produce well-rounded growth-oriented skilled labor, OAT innovates in delivery. Over All Training provides staffing for the dental industry and training for its apprenticeship programs as well as for the programs OAT governs. OAT employs a holistic whole person and ecosystem approach working collaboratively with students, businesses, and the community  

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Over All Training (OAT) aligns personal and career development, professional apprenticeship with real job placement. Founded in 2019 with Millennial magic by community advocate, dental industry professional, and educator Monique Dudley. Monique has had a consistent 85% or better attendance and completion rate for over seven years. During COVID-19 she has innovated with a hybrid model and continues to achieve an average 95% attendance.


Along with academics and core industry competencies, OAT works to help students identify and maximize their core strengths and values as well as their barriers to success to empower them with confidence and consistency. To prepare students for career advancement and possible entrepreneurship, OAT provides students with a full spectrum understanding of the industries in which they train.

On August 15, 2020 Over All Training will launch its Dental Assisting Apprenticeship in partnership with Elite Dental Germantown location in Philadelphia, PA. Students will receive a minimum of 184 hours of related technical instruction along with 2000 hours of core competencies and on-the-job training.

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“I want to be a dental assistant because I am all about helping others become the best version of themselves. Also, I like how with becoming a dental assistant I will learn more skills , build relationships with patients and my fellow team and lastly step out of my comfort zone I’ve set for myself.” 


—  J.H, Incoming Student

  • must be able to lift at least 20 lbs

  • have an open mind and be ready to start a new career


  • read at 8th-grade or higher level

  • high school diploma or GED  

    • Applicants must submit copies of their diplomas and high school transcripts or GED certificates as evidence of their attendance and completion of high school education.

    • If needed, OAT will provide resources to obtain a GED or a High School Diploma 

  • pass basic assessment​


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