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Related Instruction Outline

Dental Assistant


Anatomy and Tooth structure: 25 Hours

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course examines the anatomy and physiology of the teeth and oral structures. There will be emphasis on identification of primary and permanent teeth, classification of occlusion, and description and location of anatomical structures of the head and neck.


1 Overview of Dental Anatomy

2 Dental Arches

3 Functions of the Teeth


Dental Administration and Communication 25 Hours

Course Description: This course will teach you the essential skills for managing the business aspects of a dental practice and becoming an administrative dental assistant. You will build effective communication skills and gain knowledge to assist dentists with organizational duties such as fee collection, banking, and accounts payable.


1 Professional Dental Assistant

2 Patient Dental Records/Charting

3 Computer Applications

4 Reception skills


Occupational Health and safety 25 Hours


This course is designed to help provide a solid foundation for employees working in dental offices. It will look at the potential health risks of working in a dental setting and ways you, as an employee, can protect yourself and other co-workers from potential health problems.


1 Infection Prevention

2 Disease Transmission

3. Microbiology

4. Chemical waste management

5. Dental Water Lines

Laws and regulations 10 Hours

Ethics in Dentistry: Principles and Values will review the health care principles used in dentistry to help identify, clarify and support choices when faced with an ethical problem or dilemma. A principle is a general normative standard of conduct that is derived from morality and traditions in health care. Each principle will be presented and discussed with examples from the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene.


1 Dental Ethics

2 History and Background

3 Current Law and Practices

4 Dental History 


Dental Theory and Science 10 Hours


1 General anatomy

2 Head and neck

3 Landmarks of the face

4 Tooth Morphology

5 Disease of the mouth and teeth

6 Developing and fixing x-rays

7 Oral Health and Prevention


Preventive Dentistry 10 Hours

Individuals gain an understanding of how nutrition plays a factor in oral hygiene. This course discusses the value of a proper diet and the use of vitamins to achieve nutritional balances. Students learn how an inadequate or improper diet can result in oral problems, including cavities and periodontal disease. Participants learn to counsel patients about the importance of good eating habits and proper oral hygiene.


1 Perio Disease

2 Dental Caries

3 Nutrition

4 Oral Pathology


Patient Information and Assessment 10 Hours

This course introduces fundamental concepts related to dental caries, its prevention, diagnosis and appropriate management. Emphasis is also placed on the preventive aspects of other oral diseases as well as on dental public health and nutritional sciences.


1 Vital signs

2 Medical Emergencies

3 CPR/AED certifications

4 Radiographic Images


Clinical Dentistry/Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care 10 Hours


1 Delivering Dental care

2 Hand Instruments

3 Dental Handpieces

4 Moisture Control

5 Anesthesia

6 General Dentistry

7 Basic Tray Set up

8 Restorative Tray set up


Dental Materials 10 Hours

Introduces dental materials and laboratory equipment used in the dental office. Covers the physical and chemical properties, manipulation, and uses of gypsum products, restorative materials, and impressions materials. Includes an overview of crown and bridge preparation procedures.


1 Liners 

2 Bases

3 Cements

4 Impression Materials

5 Lab Materials

6 Lab Materials Safety Procedures


Comprehensive Dental Care 10 Hours


1 General Dentistry

2 Matrix System

3 Fixed/ Removable Prosthodontics

4 Provisional Coverage

5 Removable coverage

6 Dental implants

7 Endodontics

8 Orthodontics

9 Periodontics

10 Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

11 Pediatric Dentistry


Radiology Review 39 Hours

Theory, techniques and procedures for exposing and processing dental radiographs; interpretation of dental radiographs, radiation safety, and practical application in dental radiography lab and clinical setting.