HEAR ME NOW is the community outreach mission of Over All Training that allows OAT to continue to serve students and our community. Hear Me Now allows OAT to address the needs of the whole person and identify any barriers from being ones best self as well as discovering and building on our strengths and passions.

HEAR ME NOW emerged from the protesting and riots in Philadelphia in June 2020. The #ZMill those transitioning through adulthood ages 18 to 35 felt they were not being seen or heard. They were looking for direction. "What do we do with this anger? How do we best protest? How do we stand up for ourselves? We care. We want better..." So, on June 5th in partnership with Master Griot Radio, OAT hosted its first podcase where the elders came to the proverbial table to listen and respond.

The message and the realization was so compelling that Peace-A-Thon and Do4Self Entertainment collaborated with OAT on a live in-person socially distanced problem solving event and active listening session. Held on June 20, 2020 on the campus of the historic House of Umoja at the Field of Dreams, community members of all ages gathered to network, share their thoughts, their art, and resources.



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